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✓  learn to negotiate like a pro

✓  don't get taken advantage of

✓  make and save millions

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mihir koltharkar

#1 b2b sales & Negotiaton Trainer

20 years, 9 countries, 2000+ Sessions

world sme summit speaker

global award winning trainer

Author - impossible sales

TEDx speaker (twice)

starts on 

10th October

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*This session is immensely beneficial for B2B Sales Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners, Luxury Retail, Real Estate, Purchase and Procurement Professionals, Department Heads & Independent Consultants.

Whether you are about to meet at the negotiation table or you just want to be prepared for future events, learning how to negotiate professionally will help you make money (if you are a seller/giving) and increase profits by saving money (if you are buying/receiving).


Join me in the PowerFULL Negotiator Online Course and learn to Negotiate like a Pro!

In last 20 Years, I have conducted 2000+ Sessions in 9 Countries, helping Individuals and Organisations globally to Maximise Profits and Close Deals Faster through Effective Negotiation.

This is a Weekend Course of 2 Sessions - 10th & 11th October

Duration: 1.5 hrs each day (4 pm to 7:00 pm IST)

Course Delivery : Online (Via Zoom)

Major Learning Points:

✓  The Role Of EFFECTIVE Negotiation

✓  The 5 Outcomes And Their Importance

✓  Negotiation - Is It Just About PRICE?

✓  Set RIGHT Objectives Before Negotiating - MDO and LDO

✓  BATNA & ZOPA - The Most Critical Elements

✓  Skills and Attributes To Develop

✓  Role Of Ethics In Negotiation

✓  Understanding Different Negotiation Styles 

✓  Understanding Your Negotiation Style (Self Assessment) 

✓  How To Leverage The Game Changers (Variables)

✓  Applying Give/Get Principle 

✓  Using Top Secret Negotiation Planning Matrix

✓  Stealth Rapport Building In Negotiation

✓  Advanced Communication Techniques & NLPin Negotiation

✓  Negotiating On Phone

✓  The Right Climate & Seating (Lesser Known Secrets)

✓  Dynamics of First Offer (Dropping the Anchor)

✓  Team Negotiation Strategies

✓  Most Common Negotiation Mistakes

✓  The Dirty Tricks Professional Negotiators Play (How To Safeguard Yourself)

✓  And... Many Tips and Tricks, and Techniques To Gain Advantage

At the end of every session, participants can ask questions and some more valuable insights will be shared.

During the course, you will also receive Self Assessment, Assignments, and Reading Material to enrich your knowledge on Negotiation.


The fee for this PowerFULL course is USD 30 only and comes with a Completion Certificate (Digital).

My life purpose is to add value to people's lives, and I am looking forward to enrich your life!

I thought that negotiation is just a skill that people are born with. but in this 1.5 hours now I am confident that I learnt that this skill can be learnt, improvised, enhanced. Really Good stuff!

Woman in Suit



This was a wonderful session. I have been in sales for over 20 years, still learnt a lot. It was an eye-opener!

Happy Man

Enjoyed this session very much. Found it very informative and interesting. Didn’t realise when time flew and the session ended.

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You won't know what  you are missing, until you attend the session.There is so much I have learnt that words don't do justice.

Smiling Man

Saying Thank you is just not enough because my brain seems to have opened up. It's like I have never known things this way before. 













Global Award Winning Trainer

TEDx Speaker (Twice)

World SME Summit Speaker

Author - Impossible Sales

20 Years, 9 Countries, 2000+ Sessions

Mihir Koltharkar is a highly accomplished and a renowned International Corporate Trainer, Speaker and Business Coach with a rich experience spanning 20 years. He has helped companies to improve their business performance through his High Quality, High Value Training and Coaching sessions.

As an internationally recognized trainer in Sales and Negotiation, Mihir delivers in his unique and engaging way, the powerful principles which can accelerate organizational growth.

He has a proven track record of growing the organizational revenues spanning Manufacturing, Telecom, Banking, Consulting, Real Estate, Contact Centers, Facilities Management and many more. He has successfully conducted 2000+ sessions in 9 countries. 

Thousands have been inspired and motivated to take charge of creating the desired results. Mihir knows how to bring out the best in people whether it is through an individual coaching session to discuss business and life challenges or through training sessions which bring out the transformation!